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What types of home care services does Golden Promises provide?

  • Up to 24/7 Assistance
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Shopping
  • Cooking
  • Transportation
  • Medication reminders
  • Respite for Family Members

Why should I consider Home Care?

Hiring a home care aide is never easy. You should consider a home care aide if you are unable to care for a loved one on your own. If you are already caring for a loved one and need a break, or you are concerned about your own health and well-being as you care for another, call Golden Promises to discuss your options.

Do you serve outside Orange County?

Yes, we serve New York’s Orange County and the surrounding area. Call us today for details.

Do I need to hire an aide for a minimum amount of time?

At Golden Promises, we understand that your schedule may not be flexible – that’s why we are. We can accommodate any time frame to suit your needs.

How can I be sure my caregiver is fulfilling their obligation?

When you hire a home care aide from Golden Promises, you can be sure that our aides fulfill all of their duties as agreed upon. We are in constant communication with you and the aide to be sure all your loved one’s needs are met.

My family member does not live at home, but in a retirement community. Can you still help me?

Yes. Golden Promises Home Care aides can help your loved one whether they live at home, a retirement community, a nursing home or an assisted living facility.

Will I be responsible for paying my caregiver directly?

No. We take care of payroll and taxes. Our home care aides are paid directly from Golden Promises Home Care.

Will I have more than one caregiver?

Our goal is to provide one caregiver. However, due to circumstances such as vacation, illness, or unforeseen scheduling conflicts, we may assign more than one caregiver. Rest assured that we strive to meet all your needs and operate in a seamless manner. Your caregivers will communicate daily and each will know what your needs and expectations are.

What if I have questions regarding the services I am receiving?

Please feel free to call Golden Promises Home Care at anytime – with any question. You will always speak to staff or management – never an answering service.

Why not just hire my own caregiver?

Hiring a home care aide is not easy – there are many things to consider: expertise and skill level, background checks, personality, and of course, injury liability, payroll and taxes. You can depend on Golden Promises Home Care to take care of all of these details.

I’m ready to hire a Golden Promises Home Care aide! How quickly can they start?

We will make every effort to accommodate you in an emergency, however we do prefer a two week lead time.