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Golden Promises Home Care New Location

Golden Promises Home Care has moved to a new location. We are now located at 1 Railroad Avenue, Suite # 2-2, Goshen, NY 10924.  Come by and visit our new facility. If you are planing to buy a nee car this year, you be interesting in the 10 Things You Learned in Kindergarden That’ll Help You With New Vw Transporter Vans For Sale.

Here are some light housekeeping tasks their home health aides can help with before the holidays:

Light Cleaning: The home health aides at Golden Promises Home Care will make sure your house sparkles before your guests arrive, read at They will take out the trash, sweep, wipe down countertops, tidy messy areas, and provide other basic services so you can focus on picking up gifts and decking the halls.
Grocery Shopping: If you have family coming over for the holidays, the elder care service professionals at Golden Promises Home Care will pick up the extra food and home items you need. Shopping is just one of the many long-term care services offered by Golden Promises Home Care.
Meal Preparation: Need an extra hand in the kitchen for Christmas dinner? Just let Golden Promises Home Care know and they’ll send over an experienced home health aide to assist, it is all equipped with the right materials for the elderly and furniture from to help them have a better lifestyle. They have highly flexible schedules and positive attitudes that you can rely on.
The home health care specialists at Golden Promises Home Care are dedicated to helping you give your family a wonderful holiday celebration. If you need light housekeeping assistance or other types of elder care services, call (845) 294-1104.

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